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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wayne Rooney's Saga

That is what you would look at if you would like to know the definition of U turn. Mr. Rooney says he's gonna leave the club. The manager says he's going to leave the club. 24 hours later, he signed a new contract. You get my drift? There are so many theories and reactions to what had happened.

Mr Rooney thinks he has to leave because Man United is not ambitious enough. Some thinks its simply because of his private life which now causes a bitter war between himself and the media. In England, it is very unlikely a player would get an edge when it comes to war with the media. Some thinks its because of money. Some thinks because he wants to seek some newer pastures.

For me, its total bullshit. This guy is overated. Only Man City would offer him some big packet wages. No other teams are likely to offer him any more than what he is earning now. I'm not a big fan of United but I believe United at least deserve more than him. He has really got no shame, just look at how he twist his words. 720 degrees in 24 hours. The club is unfortunate to be held ransom by him


Friday, September 17, 2010

The British Mission

I've been trying to track one of these. The British Bulldog. And guess what, each of them are sold for an audacious price of RM 3000++. Its going to be a lost cause. A pauper like me would not be able to obtain such an amount of money before my dad's birthday.....


Thursday, September 16, 2010

When I'm Going In Circles

What would you do when you're a sitting duck and there's nothing you can do to get yourself moving? I am as such. I feel stagnation at this point of my life. I would like to move on and do something or create something. I have the drive in me but somehow I just couldn't.

Why? Because I'm lost. I do not know what I actually want, in terms of every aspects. Well, I would not say that I'm currently sulking and think that the world owes me everything. I'm too positive for that. The usual routine is still going on and the smile is still on me most of the time. Entertainments and exams are certainly something that I'm giving full attention to.

I do not know. When everything settles down, I feel a little empty inside. There is this tiny little bit of loneliness in me. Have anyone actually ask why am I so into Gundam models? Because these are what keeping me company at times when, well, the usual not so happy moments. Pathetic, some may think but I disagree. One, it keeps me happy and provide me with that little satisfaction once the work is done. Secondly, I would not have to bother anyone with my problems. Of course, there are friends and family who are there to lend a pair of their ears at any given time. But still, I prefer to solve my issues alone (:

Either ways, things would always start to look up after a while. When a person's mood is at the top, the only place it could go next is down and vice versa. Thats why we're humans (:


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Raymond's 22nd

Happy 22nd to Mr Raymond Sim and many more years to come. The only regret is that you're too smart. Hence we could not find any openings to add some cakes to your make up (:


Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Thoughts After Coming Back From A Long Holidays

I've been away for a very very long time and oh yeah, I'm back.  Many things had happened within these past eight months but I'm back. Hopefully, I'm back for good. And my big welcome back is regrettably plague by a series of incoming exam. I've got tonnes of models that I've made within these eight months which I'm dying to share. But well, photo uploads would have to wait until all these pesky little exams are done

Moreover, I would be wondering if anyone who will drop by anymore since I've long abandon this page of mine to spiders and rodents

Well, to get things started I do have a question. You know, one can categorize their blog posts to categories. For example, my models would be under "My Pride". But then again, when I click on "My Pride", I notice that only certain posts of that particular category appears. I have no idea why the older ones does not appear. So here's the million dollar question. What in the world would I need to do to force them to appear?

And to call it a day, I've met someone who is really intelligent. When she's binding my notes, she did not even bother to remove the staples. Her consequences? The usual one and two, Aaron style. But well, lets cut her some slacks. Since I only paid 60 cents for everything. Anyways, welcome back


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Master Grade MS 05B Zaku I

The MS 05 Zaku I is not exactly easily found in market. I got mine from a friend for only RM 85 which of course is a clear cut good bargain. It is much better than the other 2 (Matsunaga's, Black 3 Stars and Ramba Ral)

Well, no one will expect a glossy Zaku from me and I simply have it coloured into the very 'typical Aaron Style' and have it weathered a bit. Its an old suit so the flexibility is not so good. And there are lots of seam lines which one might want to hide it. The right shoulder is a little empty so I made a shoulder shield for it from some scraps. Overall its not too bad. And FYI, there isn't much space for heavy decals of course


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Master Grade RX-77 Guncannon

Its been a long time since I actually blog about a model because I'm really busy as there are many things to be done such as moot, legal attachment presentation, games etc etc. But I've been working on this model for a very long time. Not because there's much to be done but its simply being put aside

Guncannon is really cool, cheap and easy to make. Plus, its really stable and not much decal is required. If one noticed, there were minimum amount of decals on this suit which is very unlike my usual preference of applying many. Main factor is because I'm pretty broke at this moment. Turns out, with some decent colouring, it turns out to be great. Flat coat is of course necessary

The only catch to this suit would probably be the inflexibility of the waist as the body is hollow. Its hiding a core fighter as its inner frame, hence,not much can be said about the flexibility. However, it is still a fantastic to play with. Along with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Gundam, Bandai is re-producing the Guncannon. So its a good start. Meanwhile, if one really wish to decal it, there are different sets of decal to choose from; Kai Shiden or Hayato Kobayashi